Specialty Tea Samplers


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Samplers are four 2 oz packages of tea (there are a few exceptions) for those who like  many varieties of tea. Samplers are priced favorably.  See descriptions of each tea on pages referenced by the index page, Blended Teas, Flavored Teas, Ceylon,  etc.


Breakfast Teas: English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Assam TGFOP, Ceylon Lover’s Leap BOP. A selection of fine quality, hearty teas that will get your day off to a great start.


Flavored Teas: Earl Grey, Vanilla, Cinnamon Orange Spice, and Black Currant flavored black teas. A delightful selection of uniquely flavored quality teas.


Darjeeling: Mission Hill Estate FTGFOP1 Second Flush, Balasun Estate Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Second Flush, Avengrove Estate FTGFOP First Flush.  Enjoy the subtle differences between two second flush Darjeeling's. Appreciate the flavor of a truly great first flush Darjeeling.


Black Teas: China Keemum, China Yunnan TGFOP, Ceylon High grown OP, Golden Kenya TGFOP.  The lover of black tea will appreciate this selection.


Premium Black Teas: China, Hao Ya "A" Keemum; Ceylon, Fancy  FOP Silver Tip; China, Yunnan Imperial Gold; Darjeeling, Avengrove Estate FTGFOP First Flush: The very best of the best for the black tea enthusiast.
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