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     There are many myths and legends about the origin of tea in China. The use of tea dates back several thousand years. Most historians agree upon 350 A.D. as the earliest credible record of tea cultivation, placed around the hill districts of Szechwan province.

     Today, China produces fine mellow black teas, excellent green teas, oolong and delicately flavored white teas.

     There are three especially noteworthy China black teas, known as Congous. Teas known as Sichuan from the southwest province in which they are grown and processed. Similarly, teas known as Yunnan's from southwest province of Yunnan. The most noteworthy is Keemum from the northern provinces of Anhwei and Hubei. Keemum has a well deserved reputation as China's best black tea. Keemum is mellower than the teas of Ceylon and Assam.

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