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The Ashworth Consulting Group is made up of senior level Oracle consultants.

Our group specializes in providing functional and technical development services for Oracle and Oracle Applications.         

There are only senior level people in our group.

There are no salespeople in our group. All contacts are made by the consultants.

You participate in the process of selecting a developer as much or as little as you like:

If you know exactly what you are looking for please review the skill summary and resumes section.

If you want, a senior level consultant will help you access your requirements and select a few resumes for your review. 

Rates are at market for your area and required skill set. 

Rate is established between you and the consultant directly, or through our administration. 

The consultant receives the complete rate except for small fee used to administer the group. 

The benefit to you:

            Rates are not fixed or inflated.

          Better value for you; the rate you pay does not go to support the infrastructure of a large sales organization; you simply get a more experienced consultant.

      Ashworth Consulting Group has all necessary business insurance.

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Data conversion

            Interfaces to and from legacy systems

            Maintenance programming of older versions of Reports and Forms

                Modify standard Oracle Reports to add Logos, signatures, bar coding or