CEYLON (Sri Lanka)


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Black                                                                         About Sri Lanka      



Ceylon Highgrown Orange Pekoe : A blend of the best highgrown teas. Bold leaf, rich golden color, and a bold distinct flavor. Great breakfast tea, stands up well to milk. Makes a great iced tea.



Lover’s Leap BOP (Nuwara Elyia):  This young and brisk broken-leaf tea comes from the picturesque Lover’s Leap garden located in the famous Nuwara Elyia region. This is a full body tea that goes well with milk.        



Kenilworth Estate Orange Pekoe: Selected from the finest offerings of this prestigious estate. The choosiest leaf quality and special handling of this tea combine to produce a tea of exceptional flavor and quality. Excellent any time of day.



Ceylon Fancy  FOP Silver Tip: (SOLD OUT) Prominent, very fine and wiry silver tips stand out against dark, slender Orange Pekoe leaves.
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Last revised: May 21, 2007