How to Order On-line

     Selecting your tea is easy; just point the mouse at the gray "1"  button  beside the product and below size that you want order. Click on the button; the order page will appear showing the product you have selected.  If you want more than quantity one, change the quantity of 1 on the order page  to the quantity you want. Follow instructions on the order page to return and continue shopping.

     When you want to review the products you have selected push the button labeled: wal_co.gif (2737 bytes) the order page will appear.

     Push Check Out on the order page to    provide shipping information and payment option.

     Push Place Order on the check out page to send your order to us. No order information is sent to us until this button is pushed.

     We use secure credit card processing. We accept MasterCard and VISA and American Express.

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How to Order by Mail

     Send us a letter containing the products and quantities you want to order along with where you want the order shipped.

     OR, select your tea as indicated on the left . When your selections are complete, push Check Out on the order page. Select "Mail Payment" as the payment method. Fill out the requested shipping information. Push Place Order on the check out page to send your order to us.

     Then, send a check, money order or credit card information to:

  Ashworth Tea,  347 Treasure Lake, Dubois  PA  15801.

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