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     The goal of the green tea manufacturing process is to produce unfermented tea. There are five processes in making black tea: withering, rolling, roll breaking, fermentation and firing. There are only three in making green tea: steaming, rolling and firing. Green tea refers to the color of the tea not the brew. The finished tea is not as rich in flavor as black tea, the flavor is subtle, and with high quality green teas the flavor is quite exquisite.

     Green tea is about 1% caffeine by weight or about 25 mg per cup. Green tea has less than 25% of the caffeine in coffee, which is about 110 mg per cup.

     Recent scientific studies support ancient Chinese beliefs that have linked green tea drinking with good health. Studies associate green tea drinking with reduced cancer risk, and reduced high blood pressure.

Brewing Suggestions:    Water should be slightly under boiling temperature, use about one heaping tea spoon full of the bulkier leaf varieties, and steep for two to three minutes.

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