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Green                                                                About China Green Tea



Chung Mee "Moon Palace" Special Grade. China green tea with a natural plum like sweetness.  Full flavor an exceptional choice for every day enjoyment.



Gunpowder "Temple of Heaven" Extra Fine Grade. Finest pinhead gunpowder tea with a naturally sweet flavor.



Jasmine, Special Grade: China green tea scented with Jasmine buds, adding a subtle floral overtone to a fine green tea.



Hao Ya Jasmine: A superior China green tea delicately scented with Jasmine buds.



Emerald Green Tips: A dark green leaf with pointed tips. A mild satisfying flavor. A great value.  

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China Green Decaffeinated Tea: This tea was decaffeinated using carbon dioxide, a more expensive method that retains the subtle flavor of this fine green tea.                                                                  



Jasmine Downy Pearls: (SOLD OUT) The ultimate jasmine tea. Hand rolled green tea blossoms lightly scented with jasmine. Unique presentation and superb flavor go together for a unique treat.    



Haung Mountain Hairpoint: Long delicate buds produce a mild subtle flavor. A very bold leaf tea. A must for the green tea enthusiast.



Lung-Ching, Special Grade: Known as Dragon's Well, one of the finest China green teas. Great skill required in firing tender leaves. The liquor is pale yellow, with a fine delicate flavor.
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