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     The first tea was introduce into Japan by the Buddhist priest Yeisei, who placed great
value on tea because it enhancing religious mediation. The early association of tea in Japan with Zen
Buddhism led to tea playing a major role in the art, philosophy and the history of Japan.  Whenever tea is made in Japan, it represents age-old methods of cultivation, manufacture, and appreciation.

     The finest teas of Japan are grown in the district of Yamashiro, near Kyoto. Gyokuro tea or "Jade Dew" is the most highly prized tea in Japan. Just before the picking season, in the Gyokuro gardens, the tea is hidden under specially constructed sun shelters. This treatment imparts a special sweetness to the leaves. Only the buds of the first flush are made into Gyokuro.

     Nearly 70% of Japans tea production is called Sencha tea, even though a variety manufacturing methods are used.  There is not a large selection of teas from Japan, however the few teas available are of excellent quality.

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